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The Country Codes

How Do I Call Caribbean from the USA?

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Dialing Instructions: Calling from the USA to Caribbean

Thank you for using to learn how to call Caribbean from the USA. The chart below includes all known country codes for Caribbean. Click on the corresponding Country's link for CITY Codes.

Country Codes:

(click Country's link for CITY Codes)

Anguilla 264
Antigua & Barbuda 268
Aruba 297
Bahamas 242
Barbados 246
Bermuda 441
British Virgin Islands 284
Cayman Islands 345
Cuba 53
Dominica 767
Dominican Republic 809 or 829
French Antilles 596
Grenada 473
Guadeloupe 590
Guantanamo Bay 5399
Haiti 509
Jamaica 876
Martinique 596
Montserrat 664
Netherlands Antilles 599
Puerto Rico 787 or 939
Saint Kitts & Nevis 869
Saint Lucia 758
Saint Vincent & Grenadines 784
Trinidad & Tobago 868
Turks & Caicos Islands 649
US Virgin Islands 340

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